Agro-biodiversity Conservation in Schools


Agro biodiversity poster_English

Let’s save our vanishing crop resources because they could provide better nutrition in a changing climate environment.

Over the centuries, backyard gardeners and family farms have been growing diverse range of vegetable types and varieties. We are losing this diversity (agro biodiversity) rapidly. Once lost, we can never regain these important heritage varieties.

School gardens and backyards can be used to grow and save our crop diversity for future generations. Diverse gardens can often mean richer dietary diversity and therefore, better nutrition for kids and families. In fact, indigenous vegetables  in the Philippines are generally more nutritious than many introduced crops.

The fact that some of these varieties grown by our grandparents are still around only means that they are adaptable, hardy, and tolerant  to pests.

Many of these varieties tolerate and can adapt better to  variable weather & changing climate conditions. We need to save them before they are totally lost.

So let’s search for these crops, plant them in our gardens, and share the seeds with schools and communities and save them for future generations.

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